The Moneyball Health Challenge

The average person spends 6% of their income on groceries.  I went to my online bank app and pulled 27 different times I went to the grocery store in the last year for substantial shopping and found that my average trip cost $65.12.  Extrapolated for the year and multiplied by 52, that comes out to $3,386.24 spent on groceries in the last year.  Since I make $55,000/year, that comes out to…6.2% of my income!  I’m average!
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The Spurs most important weapon doesn’t play road games

With his body as protection, Thunder guard Raymond Felton conservatively brought the ball up court with his right hand, using a path Spurs defender Patty Mills, who picked him up the full length, offered. Felton took another shuffle towards the sideline, but in an instant, changed course. The veteran pivoted towards center court and towards a screen set by forward Jerami Grant just outside the three point line. Felton hit the acceleration at just the right time, bursting around the pick and leaving stunned Mills fighting through the wall, and raced towards a softness in the defense. Felton reached the free throw line, rose up from one leg and released a gentle floater that nestled through the nylon for two. The home crowd groaned audibly. The scorekeeper booked two. The lead was now 43-20 in favor of visiting Oklahoma City, their largest of the night, with 9:30 to go in the first half. Continue reading “The Spurs most important weapon doesn’t play road games”