I fear for the Twins

Minnesota is the Cinderella story of this baseball season. They’ve bashed over 200 homers this year, considerably more than everyone else. Their starting pitching has been pretty good. The bullpen? Could use work.

They added two arms before the trade deadline–Sergio Romo and Sam Dyson. Romo has been good so far. Dyson made his debut yesterday and fucked off a sweep in the Bottom of the 9th against Miami. What was once a double digit lead a month ago is now just a three game lead.

This Twins team does have swagger, though. I’m not afraid of the Yankees or the Astros or any team come playoff time. It’s making sure they get there that worries me. They can’t afford to fuck this up. If they make the postseason, I believe they can make it to the World Series. However, I do believe the Dodgers will win it all.

Browns will suck this year

The Browns are bursting at the seems with both talent and ego. They have an enigmatic second year QB and two diva WR’s and a first year head coach who is either a genius or Kevin Malone from The Office.

Cleveland has higher expectations than any season in the last twenty years. Vegas pegs them as a 9 win team. I’m taking the Under.

Mayfield won’t shut up this offseason. He’s publicly spoken out about a teammate’s holdout. He’s fought with media personalities. Now he’s popping off about getting on his WR’s for mistakes. This will get tiring fast. EVERYONE is getting sick of Baker Mayfield.

The real team to watch exceed expectations this year is the Oakland Raiders. I am confident that both the Raiders and New York Football Giants will have more wins than Cleveland this season.

NBA coaches are irrelevant

Big story came out on ESPN yesterday that NBA coaches fear for their lives because superstars are constantly plotting where they go next without considering old standards.

If a team spends all this money and resources to get the best players, you know they will cater to them,” says one Western Conference coach. “And if that player says, ‘I want that coach gone,’ what recourse do we have?”

Cat’s out of the bag: NBA coaches are irrelevant. Not too shocking when you realize the average NBA coach gets paid the MLE.

I do think there’s too much power in the player’s balance. Not that I care, nor should anyone else. Billionaires vs Millionaires is boring.

But if I’m the Billionaires, I would push for two Max contracts per roster. Or maybe a tier system. Slotted salaries based on percentage of cap. Like, one player can make 30% of the cap, one can make 20%, three can make 10%, eight make whatever the difference is.

Who cares though.

The Spurs most important weapon doesn’t play road games

With his body as protection, Thunder guard Raymond Felton conservatively brought the ball up court with his right hand, using a path Spurs defender Patty Mills, who picked him up the full length, offered. Felton took another shuffle towards the sideline, but in an instant, changed course. The veteran pivoted towards center court and towards a screen set by forward Jerami Grant just outside the three point line. Felton hit the acceleration at just the right time, bursting around the pick and leaving stunned Mills fighting through the wall, and raced towards a softness in the defense. Felton reached the free throw line, rose up from one leg and released a gentle floater that nestled through the nylon for two. The home crowd groaned audibly. The scorekeeper booked two. The lead was now 43-20 in favor of visiting Oklahoma City, their largest of the night, with 9:30 to go in the first half. Continue reading “The Spurs most important weapon doesn’t play road games”